Tuesday, October 18, 2005

10 things i hate about men

first, before i start my well deserved rant, i would love to say happy birthday for today/tomorow (depending on which time zone you are residing in....planes not inclusive) to Americajay. for all who read this blog, this is the person to praise for the fact i even update it... my head of reminding me when i am being lazy-man.

happy birthday!!!

now on to that well deserved and overly advertised rant.

who wants to hear the great cocktail of anti insomniacs lately put into my drink just this friday just gone.

the blood results are back and they go like this

flunitrazepam - used for severe insomnia only in last resort cases - causes amnesia especially mixed with alcohol.

doxylamine succinate - again for insomnia

midazolam hydrochloride - it is commonly used for short general anesthetics proceedures - (usually injected...morons)

nitrazepam - anti insomniac - transient amnesia, should also not be mixed with alcohol

now you dont need a dictionary to figure out that i am never drinking anything not in a sippy cup from now on.

this is twice in the last 2 months. if it wasn't for the fact that i ran into a buddy of mine, i would have stayed out later, and probably ended up someones unconsious biach.

now i have to have several blood tests, an ultrasound for my kidneys...(apparently lots of crappy drugs and much much alcohol can make your kidneys go all screwie).

but i digress from my point

what was it again?

ah i dunno

i will talk later, hopefully about something more happy

lots of love



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