Saturday, October 08, 2005

i haven't had a cunt all night, drinkstable!

wow.. 2 days drinking surely takes its toll.....of DRUGS!!!! i am quickly running out of panadol.... not to meantion grog!!

went out with ma mutha and sista and auntie today, really hungry for some grease, ordered bacon and eggs.... and i couldnt keep the first bite down! it was uber depressing towatch the hungry hoards gobble up my grease! ah well, i hope to be able to eat solids again one day!

so for now i just have to keep it up with my empty carbs! (*alcohol)

anyhoo, last night was fun... i saved a girl who O.D'd in the bathroom.... i was the only sober *coughenoughcough* one to climb over the door and unlock it and fireman carry the vomiting unconcious beauty out to the bouncers.

sorta ruined my night so i left it at that.

fun times!

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