Saturday, October 22, 2005

Dont make me full of chocolate!

so i went to the royal hobart show today, i saw baby chickens, baby rats, baby guinea pigs, baby piggy pigs.

i patted a baby sheep and was attaked and mugged by a baby goat, saw a baby miniature pony with a miniature afro, a baby cow... a not so baby cow, a baby bogan

i ate fairy floss, kicked the ATM machine for not working, saw the gayest dogs in the world strutting their stuff for what i can only assume was the title of being the gayest dog in the world (there was hair spray involved, dont ask)

i got a show bag that was full of chocolate when i bought it.... now my tummy hurts....

all i can say is that i am glad i went to the gym thismorning, and i wont need dinner.

so much sugar, so little time .... and my teeth are starting to hurt

bounce bounce bounce bounce - that is the sound of me off the walls

now my tummy hurts again but i have this overwhelming urge to finish the bag of crystalized sugar flossie stuff

ah the complications of life - when did it get so complicated? tell me!

well im off to play who wants to be a millionare with my family - its really fun cause they all get really drunk and i win by default! huzzah!

well i will fill you in on the nights events tomorow, love ya all

lilly pilly


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