Tuesday, September 27, 2005

some people got it... and some people after 15 beers think they got it

like my heading says... some people got it, and some people after 15 beers think they got it, but really have just got a hold of MY ASS!!!

dont get me wrong, i dont mind, i am not like most girlie girls. but damn.... i have bruises! (and stubble rash but we wont go into that...)

enough about that, lets get into scamantics! i have been contemplating.... and you know what that means!

i was thinking.... and it hurt...nah just kidding, i was thinking about those scary catholic wankers who go to the funerals of gay teenage boys who have recently died and boycott it by standing outside with picket signs and screaming at the boys family that he is going to suffer in hell for all eternity...

i was thinking back to that part in the bible that says do not judge others for i will do the judging in heaven.... really this was a way of god saying "hey, by doing my job you are pretty much saying to me that you dont recon im good enough to do it myself, and i am god so SUCK ON THAT!

why is it that they only see what they want to see? they are stupid

and that is how the cookie crumbles

lots of love

lilly pilly


Jim E 2587 said...
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Nancy said...

There are people that actually do that? *shocked face* That's HORRIBLE!! :(