Monday, August 07, 2006

4 years of of being 21.

This entry is pretty much for my mister mattius Q. Mattie (cherry's new nickname cause the voices told her too... at least that is what i could gather from her entry)

*Waves like a teenybopper at a Backstreet Boys concert*

HEYA MISTA MATTIE!!!! can you see me?!?! huh?!?! I'm Over Here!!!, HEY!!! WOOOOOH!!!!

My mista is going to be looking up my blog today to have a quick squiz... i think i worried him when he asked me if i wrote anything about him in it, and i said yes and then wouldnt tell him what i wrote...mainly cause i couldnt remember, but we wont tell him that, will we? cause its too much fun to watch him squirm....


The thought occured to him last night as we were watching an episode of C.S.I Miami... god i love heratio!! do the glasses thing!!! DO THE GLASSES THING!!!!!

But anyway, there was a blog featured in this particular episode, which agotsa mista mattie thinking.... what does a little lillypilly get up to on the net?

Well, this is about it, im sorry.... im really really sorry.... really really REALLY sorry.... but this is really it.

Well anyhoo its Matties birthday in like 2 days and i have FINALLY got some Idea's on what to get him!!! took me long enough, and with no help whatsoever.... maybe.... shaddup.

hrmmmmm now what else was there, oh yeas.... I LOVE YOU MATTIE!!!! MARRY ME AND HAVE LOTS OF BABIES!!!! (by lots i mean like, one, in like, many years time... or lets buy a puppie.... thatll do.)

I Proclaim my love for this man over my blog in a soppy, drooly, sugary sweet, rainbow happy town way that will make all those singles out there vomit simultaniously and drop in a seizure of pure "ew"ness.

*ponders*......mmmmm sugary rainbow drool......

Well, my lunch is sorted.

Oh and just to let you all know, i am doing netball now!!! WOOT!!! competative urges sorted!!! im Goal Keeper, Defender of the goalie ring thing!

We won last week but now we lost this week, and i rolled my ankle something shocking... its sore but ok

Oh and MAttie and i went to the botanical gardens together to have lunch on sunday... it was awesome!!!! we gave eachother piggie back rides whilst taping it on our phones, funny stuff.
And the fortnight before that, he was so sweet, he organised a surprise cruise for me on the river Derwent!!! it was so romantic and beautiful!!! i could have cried!!! ive never been so surprised and so happy!!!!

I love you Mattie

Lots of Love

Lilly Pilly


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