Monday, June 15, 2009

Feelin so good, I'm starting a health kick

Thanks yal for all your kind words when i was sickie poo, but im feelin much better now, sept some dizzyness (its very disturbing to turn around and reach for something and find you have over shot the mark by at least half a meter...)

But now im feelin better, and since it is winter and like 5 months away from my 25th, im on a health kick (again!)

Doin well, went to the gym today, and my food wasnt ALL bad... so i guess im off to a pretty good start!

cant wait for my 25th! im gonna start a list of all the crazy things i want to do in my life to LIVE IT! I thought of a good one today, I want to go to europe, and while im in London, i want to take a picture of myself (and mattie!) at every place in monopoly so that we have our own personal monopoly set!

Woooot! got my first thingie!

So im pumped for my fitness! Im pumped for my birthday, and Im just generally pumped!

But this is today, and there is always what tomorow brings, hopefully it wont bring me down!

Love ya all!

Love lilly


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