Thursday, June 18, 2009

We were the losers of a grandfinal of the losers of the top division.... (?)

I know... i dont get it either....

Netball grandfinal tonight.... we lost (wah wah wah...) I dont think any of us could really take it seriously when we as a team have only one 4 out of like 15 games, and yet we made the grand final.....

Did a specky fall... RIGHT ON MY ASS!!! Now my neck and back rather hurt... might have to go see the physio bout my neck... its been giving me grief for a few days now, and it hurties so much i just cant get comfy tonight.... ive even resorted to two panadiene and it hasn't even touched it!

well im gonna cut this short today.... I kinda need to pee ... and ill be damned if im going to be one of those people who take the lap top with them to the bathroom (EW!)

So nighty night people

Love Lilly



Glamour Girl said...

Laptop, no. But mobile phone is acceptable, right? Or am I super gross?!

Miss Lilly said...

Phones I shall let pass the toilet test... It's one of those "grey" area's in life.

(but only if you pee quietly and wait till you have hung up to flush!)

Thanks for the comment hon!