Wednesday, June 03, 2009

MY 100th Post!

I cant believe its been 100 posts of .... well... absolutely nothing!

Congrats to me, I'm awesome, yadda yadda yadda. Now on with the news!

Well, Allierufus came and stayed with us on the weekend, cause mum went away to sunny (wet) and warm (humid) Townsville for a bit of snuggle time with my dad as he is away on business for 5 weeks.
We had an awesome time playing wii, watching movies, playing board games, shmearing on chocolate mud masks whilst trying to eat m&m's without tainting it with the muddy mess on our faces.
And on the first day of winter (a rather chilli morning, i might add, we had a super duper frost!) when we opened the curtains to find.... Ducks... (?!?) 2 ducks... we have no lakes, no rivers, no nothing that ducks would be living at.... and they where on our front lawn.
And when i opened the window to take photo's, the little cheeky buggers came running to the window looking for food.

AAAAAnd it wouldnt be a blog post without a cuuuute picture of our puppy-moo!

So anyhoo have to go, dog's a Whinin and wants a hug.... or to chew me, not too sure yet,

Love ya

Lilly x0x0x0

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Lyndel said...

Y'all need to get out and explore your neighbourhood! You've got at least two ponds not very far away ;-).

Eski's looking gorgeous!

Cheers, Lyndel