Friday, June 19, 2009

Why god gave us muscles....


so if you havent already guessed, im in a bit of pain here today... luckily (or unluckily if you see it that way) its my RDO today so i can slum it at home in pain, but then there is only to dog to bitch too (hahaha i made a pun... didnt realise it till just now) and she doesnt seem to care all that much.

It hurts in my arms, and i couldnt figure out why, since i havent done anything out of the ordinary in my gym routine... and then it came to me.... it was at work in theatre when I had to hold this guys arm up in the air whilst they plastered it from fingers to under arm, and to make matters worse he was under Anasthetic so it was a heavy son of a gun, aaaaaand even worse was the fact that they put plaster on it and that makes it heavy as a lead ballooon... try holding that in the air for the time it takes plaster to set!

on the bright side, I made the surgeon laugh when at about the 10 minute mark stated
"anyone with a broken arm raise their haaaaaannnd....NOW!" I didnt think it was all that funny... inappropriate... but not all that funny... But he thought it was hi-larious. well... it had been a long day.

So push comes to shove... i hurt

Gonna go now, gots lots of things to do (BILLS!!! DAMN BILLS!!! I HATE YOU!) and i might take Eski down to the dog beach... at least one of us will have fun today :P

Cheers big ears

Lots of Love


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