Thursday, June 11, 2009

Under the Weather

Feeling unwell today (haha very funny, no its not swine flu, >:P)

My car is dead, so I had to taxi it to the kingston Med center and back, not to meantion the $55 fee for the 5 minutes with the Doctor. At least he was a smart Doctor. He wanted to give me today and tomorow off, but I said I probably wanted to go back to work tomorow, so he wrote me two certs so if im still not well, i can use the second. And he wrote me a script for antibiotics just incase, since we were nearing the weekend and all and so i didnt have to come back if i didnt get better. Smart smart smart.

Still dont like feeling sick. My throat is all icky and my head... it aches.

but my pupper is still cute! While waiting for the taxi to come home, i stopped in at the vet to enquire about their puppy school. Wont it be sweet! my little puppy all growed up.

We are trying to teach her not to bite at the moment, which isnt going so well for Mister. She just looooves him and loves to play (which for her, involves biting) and dadoo mister just doesnt have the heart to disipline her when she does... He's trying though. When we get her enrolled for her obedience training after puppy school, Mister will be the one taking her, so that hopefully, they both learn a thing or two!
Well must get puppermoo in to feed her, hopefully she doesnt bark cause mummy's head hurts!
Love ya all, hope your all feeling better than me!
Love Lilly xoxoxox

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Lyndel said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.