Thursday, September 21, 2006

A hushed silence for a Hurt Hamster

You could have knocked me over with a feather (made easier today by the gale force winds that are killing me, not to meantion my hair) when I discovered that Richard "Hamster" Hammond had been critically injured in a high speed test run of a jet powered car.

He was averaging about 450 kph and was racing the car down a runway at an unused Royal Air Force air field near York city in northern England and it overturned.
Last I heard they had rushed him in an air ambulance to a hospital in Leeds.

Now most of you may not know this guy, some may know him from the TV show "Braniac" as the host, others know him from the show "Top gear", which he also hosts with some other guys (note my attention to detail people)

Now as you know, I am not a big one for cars, i drive a red one, and that is the extent of my knowledge, but since meeting mattieus Q. he and his friend affectionately know as "Gavio Hawques" (dont ask) love the top gear show, and being the nice girlfriend that i am, sat down to watch some with them.

And now for the element of surprise.... I really liked it. It was funny as! they are a crack up, the one i watched was them test running a jeep playing fire tag with an army tank....

And they had a PINK CAR!!! oh my god i want that car! Hamster was test driving it, pulled over and refused to drive it, but i dont care! it was adorable!

And another one i watched, they tried to turn a family wagon thing, into a convertible, by themselves, and drive it down the highway to see if it would tear up.

God it makes me laugh till i almost pee, and mattie till he actually pee's (not really...)

So with all this sadness this past weeks, I thought we could all take a moment to wish him the best and hope he heals up, possibly send some flowers, a card maybe.

I dont want to have to do another memorial post, please, so with the collective will of everyone who reads my post, we can help him survive, glass half full and all that.

Till next time

Love you all



Melody said...

*I laughed so hard I almost pee'd a little.................NAME THAT MOVIE!!!

Miss Lilly said...

erm, coastguard?