Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Me Tube? Thats unpossible...

I cant believe that there has been a huge development of the blogging variety, and I didn’t even know.

You tube…

You all know it, I know where you have been sneaking off too late at night, whilst I am asleep, sneaking out to your hussy, coming back smelling of cheap youtube perfume, virtual lipstick on your collar!

Well, what If you are like me, and have only just grasped the highly technical version of written blogging? Huh?

What if you aren’t pretty enough for visual broadcasting? At least the radio has you in the car… what do I have?

Who would have thunk that the lazymans way of blogging would have caught on so quickly? I can now, thanks to the bizarre amount of youtube broadcasts that are underage teens wearing absolutely nothing demonstrating poses that they think are original, but honey, we’s been dooin that one for years, come back to me when you can pull off that pose in an airoplane bathroom without getting caught/cramps.

I wont take away from the few original, actually interesting mini tv series youtube broadcasts. They are cool, hats off to you guys

But can you at least type up a transcript of what is said so that I can actually view this stuff and get the gist of it whilst pretending to do work? Its a lot harder to hide audio and visual then it is to hide text…. Lemme tell you!

But enough about that, I want to know something that has been bugging me for ages.

If the toilets in the southern hemisphere drain one way, and the others in the northern hemisphere the other way…. What way does it drain in countries right on the equator?

Also, just for news at hand in my life, Landlord lady invaded my privacy, something you should never ever do… especially to good old obsessive compulsive me. She even used our power and took the liberty of opening a window, not to mention going into my bedroom without prior permission to even enter my house.

So you guessed it, I’m moving again.

I was so mad that Mattie and I had to leave the house, to which 2 km down the road, the clutch gives out, so we wait for RACT and a tow for two hours. Then to find out its going to be like $600 smakeroo’s to fix it!


Well I had better get back to work, its getting pretty hard to pretend im doing work when im this worked up

(pun not intended)

Love you All, especially Mista Mattie

I put in the picture cause i thought it was funny, no relevance to anything at all, just in case you were confused.

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