Friday, September 22, 2006

I Love you, Mattieus Q.

I hope this tell's you (and the world) how much I really do love you... I even searched the net for a picture that would say 1000's words, to just let you know.

I thought you might relate to this picture a bit more, it was either that or a picture of candy hearts, i thought you might like that one too.

Also, just while I'm here,

And i must mean it, cause i spelt "you" correctly, and no crappy smilie faces!!!!
Anyway, that is all i have to say today, exept that congrats to everyone who read my post about Hamster, and used their collective will to help him heal, because last i read he had gone from critical to stable condition. Woot!
Love for all, but expecially Mattie.


Emma Jelly said...

aw, is mattieus a little insecure hun? well, you know i know how you feel! time will sort it out. or a few good smacks to his skull! time will cost less in litigation.

Miss Lilly said...

no, not insecure, quite the opposite, i just knew that he was going to read my blog that day, and i was being all cute like romantic, puppies with big brown eyes, sloppy and sugarie and all that jazz.