Thursday, September 28, 2006

Under the Thumb?

Well if anyone reads this and you live in Tasmania and you just happened to be listening to Seafm (radio station) thismorning, you would have been subjected to the same verbal diarhea that i was.

It was about how men in tassie are under the thumb of their women. Naturally i dont give a shit about what they have to say, but this just went on and on and on. One would say, "why didn't you just turn it off?". And i can answer "damn it, i really wish i had."

There was one loser caller who got on there and stated "i doo's what i want when i want, and if she questions me i just say "well who's the man?""

Now i cant answer who the man is in that relationship, but i sure do know who the child is.

Women may get cranky, yes, we may even get demanding, but sometimes the only way to get through to a man is to speak to him how his mother used too. As much as it pains me to say, more often than not, they listen.

And why do we take this liberty? why do we get cranky? why do we think we know better? Studies have shown that a female reaches maturity years before a male of the same age, therefore more responsibility is placed on the female counterpart. Cooking is taught to us, cleaning, childminding. Then when it comes to teaching the men how to do it, why when you already have a female who can do it better? We have technically had years of experience over males.

That, and many years ago, the women stayed at home, did an average of 3 hours housework a day, looked after children ect. Nowdays, a woman has to work full time, (the same hours as a man) come home, find the time to do that 3 hours of housework (yup, supprisingly it didnt just dissappear) and if they have children, probably spend more time looking after it.

(not to say, there are a few men out there who can look after themselves, and who dont have to be nagged, who do their fair share and dont usually need to be nagged. i believe they were the ones described on seafm as "under the thumb". doesn't it make you mad? and on that note, there are a few females out there who wouldnt know how to care for themselves even if their lives depended on it, and unfortunatly, usually these people have small babies who's lives DO depend on them. It makes me want to cry.)

Now i totally believe in womens rights, but i believe that womens rights gave us the right to choose. We should be able to choose to work full time, choose to be a mother or choose to be a house wife (the three are just as important as eachother). But now, there is no choice. To survive now days, a man and woman have to work full time. I think it is very rare to see a family surviving on one AVERAGE income whilst the other does home duties (man or woman). There is no choice anymore really for most of us.

And they wonder why we arent having babies anymore. We can't choose too. We cant warrant it. And its a pity. And those who choose to battle it, my hat goes off to you, for you are braver than i am at this current moment in time.

Well, I'm glad i got MY OPINION off my chest.

you dont have to agree with me, you dont have to disagree with me, these are my views personally from my experience.

Whoops i totally went from one topic to another, at least they were related this time.

Anyhoo i should go,

Love you all, and hope you are all bright eyed and bushy tailed.



Melody said...

You want me to do what, with who now? With a what, and shove it where??

Melody said...

Ohh wait, my fave one was, I wear the Pants in this relationship, my wife just tells me which ones!!

Miss Lilly said...

your a funny one, arent you? :D

I prefer the one that goes
"i'm the man in this relationship, i wear the pants and i demand that you give me permission so i can go to the pub..."