Thursday, September 07, 2006

I was wrong.

There is nothing I enjoy more than being proved wrong.

Im serious too, in this case.

If you wanted to know what the hell i am on about, go check this latest article from the local rag,22884,20367539-3462,00.html

It is an awesome artical about a hobart police chasing this moron who "tried" to hold up a newsagency in chigwell, but instead stole the poor womans car.

They vigilantly chased this moron all the way from chigwell (near hobart) to Launceston (a far far way peoples) without him smashing and killing anyone on the midlands highway (notorious for killing normal people, let alone car stealing bogans)

They apprihended this fiend when he smashed into two stationary cars in the CBD, he tried to run but they nabbed the fool. Unluckily, there was a child in the back of one of the stationary vehicles, but luckily, no one was badly harmed.

HUZZAH'S all round for the Tassie police, you sure showed me, and i humbly eat my words.

Unlike most people in the world, i can admit when i've been wrong, and i, for one, am glad this time i am.

Love you all people, and i hope this shows you that there is still hope in the world

Love Lilly


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