Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin, a God among Men.

this post was originally going to be about how the media has warped my mind into believing the Police are worse than they really are, by only telling me the bad stuff and not the good stuff *as only the media can*

But instead, i dedicate this entry to Steve Irwin, who has passed on yesterday at 11am whilst filming an underwater doccumentary.

He was usually one of the quickest men on earth when it came to dodging a blow from any one of our dangerous australians, but much to the broken hearts of all Australians, he just was not quite quick enough this time.

I will save you the details of his passing, but we have been told that it was very fast.

My heart goes out to to his wife, and his two children, especially his daughter, who lived for her dad and his antics.

But as in the passing of the great christopher Reeve, we must go forward and remember Steve Irwins hopes for the future.

As he said, you cant help the animals unless you help the people first. And that was what his life was about, educating people through his doccumentaries, and through his pride and joy, Australia Zoo.

Steve Irwin, you will be missed, but in your passing, know that you have done this country a great service and that as THE aussie icon, all of australia will mourn you, but will alse remember you for who you were.

The inspiration of pretty much all australians, especially young, but also old.




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